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Currently in pre-launch beta phase

Your Networking Digital Assistant

The Network Ninjas platform is a powerful suite of contact management and marketing tools for the solo-preneur and single business owner. Acting as a digital assistant and coach, it will simplify your marketing outreach and prospecting, while teaching you successful habits like following up. With features like project funnels, eliminate the confusion that comes with communication across text, email, and social media.

Contact Management App

A Flexible Tool to Manage and Grow your Contact List

Network Ninjas’ contact management capabilities improve your business’s marketing outreach by aggregating your contacts from other apps, lists, and spreadsheets (Outlook, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more) into one easy-to-use and intuitive app. It even merges duplicate contacts.

Network Ninjas Contact Management List Building App
Network Ninjas Cross Platform Application
Cross-Platform Application

Marketing outreach and Communication platform

Learn Business & Networking Skills, Turn them into Habits

  • Easy to Build Text Blitzing: Network Ninjas’ SMS Marketing features make sending mass messages and targeted messages simple. Top networkers utilize Text Blitzing as a key habit to success.
  • Never forget to follow up with a prospect! Network Ninjas has built in follow up features and calendar integration so you can build the habit of following up consistently. Sales are rarely made on the first contact, so it’s time you build this habit.
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Join the Founder's Affiliate Program

Available to the first 5000 users

Why sign up now?

The Network Ninjas Founder’s Affiliate Program is a unique opportunity to be a part of the grassroots marketing campaign to launch our first software platform, build your team and affiliate network, and lock in special monthly pricing and referral commissions.

  • Keep the "5 for 5" affiliate commission structure
  • Lock in your monthly subscription price
  • Get a head start in learning the app
Founder's Affiliate Opportunity

Product Launch

We're excited to soon be launching our first product: The Enhanced Plan. The Network Ninjas Enhanced Plan gives you the right set of tools to build your contact list, create customer and networking funnels, follow up with key prospects and clients, and send targeted marketing outreach to the right people.

What you get with Enhanced

Master Contact List Builder

Contacts from your phone, email, Facebook and LinkedIn aggregated into one master list.

Project Funnels

Set a goal and choose who you're going to contact to stay laser focused in your prospecting and client search.

Follow Up Reminders

Never forget to follow up with prospects with built-in follow up reminders.

Reporting & Insights

Use our Hot list algorithm & reporting to find hot contacts and track your output across time.

Text Blitzing with Groups & Tags

Use Groups and Tags to send mass-messages and emails from your phone or desktop.

Calendar Sync

Create a new calendar or hook into your current calendar to keep track of follow ups, meetings, and events.

Coming Soon

The Basic, Pro, & Enterprise Plans

It’s our goal to create the full suite of tools that grow with you. Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned veteran, we’ve got you back. Stay tuned to Network Ninjas for updates as we roll out the next Plan.

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Network Ninjas Android and iPhone App
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Download the Mobile App

The Network Ninjas Mobile App is available on both iTunes and Google Play.

Start a 60-day Free Trial

When you sign up in this early stage, you'll get to test the Enhanced Plan free for 60 days, no strings attached. If you choose to continue, you can lock in your monthly pricing and be one of our Founder's Affiliates.

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