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Network Ninjas’ social marketing software is a truly beneficial asset for any small business or entrepreneur, but perhaps especially for real estate businesses. We know that realtors juggle so much information, collect so many contacts within their networks, and need to remember to complete so many tasks, all while they’re on the go, from house to house, showing to showing, client to client. Imagine the mental load that could be relieved if a software on your laptop, phone, or tablet could carry much of that burden for you.

Much of the real estate business involves building your network from the ground up. Realtors don’t begin their careers with a hefty list of potential clients ready to go. They need to make contacts and forge new business relationships everywhere they go, and in every area of their lives.

People everywhere are looking to buy or sell a home, and realtors need to be savvy about finding those people and making quick, lasting connections to secure the business of these potential clients.

Network Ninjas’ social marketing software helps real estate agents compile an aggregate list of contacts from every area of life: email accounts, social media platforms, Excel spreadsheets, even messy rolodexes.

Our software helps real estate agents answer questions such as “where do I communicate with my prospects?” and “who do I contact first?” Our social marketing software provides an organized, intuitive, easy-to-navigate tool to provide support and assistance to your real estate business.

Networking made simple with
Real Estate Software

Introducing yourself and your new real estate business to friends, family, business associates and colleagues can feel intimidating when you consider how many prospective clients you may have compiled. Imagine having a software at your fingertips that can send out a quick, friendly email or text message, introducing you and your services, to a specific group of people.

Imagine being able to include in these messages a coupon or a discount code, something to pique your prospective clients’ interest, giving them just a little more incentive to consider you and your business over another realtor. It’s easy to forget the importance of relationships in all businesses, especially in Real Estate. Network Ninjas can make building relationships with many clients simpler.

Network Ninjas Plans: For Single Agents to Small Teams

Network Ninjas’ software is offered with four tiered plans. If your business is quite small and you don’t have a large budget for your social marketing software plan, our basic plan for $9.95/month may be just right for you.

However, each plan offers greater and more comprehensive features to grow your real estate business and as you get more clients and build a team. Because your real estate business keeps you on the road so much of the time, you could greatly benefit from a software that helps you manage so much of the day to day details. Our Enhanced Plan ($59.95/month) reminds you to follow up with prospects and clients, so no one slips through the cracks. It also allows you to send targeted SMS messages to different groups of contacts in your list.

If your business could benefit from these features plus more, our professional or enterprise plans may be the right fit for you.

Network Ninjas in Real Estate

We are confident that Network Ninjas has a plan that best grows your social network and meets the needs of your growing real estate business. Test the Enhanced Plan Free for 60 Days, no strings attached.

Network Ninjas is a contact management and marketing outreach platform. More about Network Ninjas.


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